Translating Asian growth into investor returns

Drawn to Asia by its growth dynamics, investors are often disappointed by market returns. Inefficient corporate structures, poor capital management and pro-cyclical investment often combine to erode the link between operational success and shareholder reward. We focus only on those businesses where that linkage is strong and proven. Our aim is to deliver an excellent long-term proxy on the region’s growth potential.

Sustainability – investment for the long-run

Like the operational resilience of a business, environmental, social and governance factors really manifest over years – the longer you hold a position the more impact they have. The concept of sustainability is the backbone of a truly long-term investment approach, part of thinking like the owners of each invested company rather than simply traders in its shares.

Setting high hurdles, valuing governance

We believe the best way to deliver on the promise of Asia for our clients is by investing in a range of the highest quality companies on their behalf. Forensic accounting analysis, demanding governance standards, strategic thinking and an intrinsic valuation discipline combine to deliver a focused portfolio of the strongest proxies on regional growth.